Nickel Coated Conical Coil Spring

Nickel Coated Conical Springs (click on thumbnail to enlarge)

Using state of the art technology, Maverick Spring Makers Limited us able to produce to tighter tolerances at higher speeds than ever before. Produced in a 5 axis CNC compression coiler, this conical spring can be produced faster, better and cheaper than ever before.

Made with nickel coated stainless steel type 302 wire, all aspects of production are tightly controlled. Starting with a fully error proofed and interlocked wire pay-off reel, each and every spring is measured for length with a Moyer Merlin Free Length Control Gage. Digitally interfaced with the machine CNC, appropriate adjustments are made in real time to reduce variation, reduce scrap and keep the process centered. With sort limits set at +/- 0.005″ and real world 3 Sigma length variation of less than 0.004″, almost 100% yield is possible. Lower scrap rates translate to customer savings.


Product Name

Precision Conical Coil Spring for Industry


0.029″ Stainless Steel type 302, Nickel Coated

Inside Diameter, Small End


Outside Diameter, Large End


Free Length

0.375″ +/- 0.005″

Spring Rate

5.49 pounds/inch +/- 7.5%

Production Speed

12,000/hr +



Low Temperature Stress Relief

Inline Conveyor Oven, 550 degrees F, 25 minutes

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