Phosphor Bronze Conical Spring

Phosphor Bronze Contact Spring (click on thumbnail to enlarge)

This conical spring is used as an electrical contact in the LED lighting industry. Design and Manufacturing Challenges included controlling the large end diameter so that the spring properly installed to the mating base plate, controlling the taper of the body so that the body coils completely nest and allow the spring to compress to a minimum solid height, maintain minimum free length variation to control load at length within a narrow tolerance and maintain minimum 10,000 cycle fatigue life without failure.


Product Name

Phosphor Bronze Conical Spring for the LED Lighting Industry


0.032″ Phosphor Bronze

Outside Diameter, Body

0.675″ OD large end, 0.3125″ ID small end

Total Coils

~ 5.3

Free Length

0.645″ +/- 0.15″

Manufacturing Processes

Coiling, low temperature stress relief

Production Speed


Low Temperature Stress Relief

305 degrees F, 20 minutes, inline conveyor oven


SPC for load at installed length, 10,000 cycle life test for each lot


Bulk pack in recyclable containers

End Use

Contact Spring in LED lighting

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