Stainless Steel Parking Brake Spring for the Automotive Industry

Stainless Steel Parking Brake Spring (click on thumbnail to enlarge)

To manufacture this precision tolerance stainless steel spring, Maverick Spring Makers Limited had to solve several problems. The spring featured over 80 active coils and required a free length tolerance of less than +/- 0.5 mm. Additionally, the inside diameter tolerance was so restricted that any cut-off burr would be unacceptable.

Maverick Spring Makers came up with an innovative solution, and developed a system to vary the number of closed coils, to make sure that each spring conformed to an exact length. A proprietary system for burr-free cut off was designed and implemented, overcoming the restrictions of the inside diameter tolerance. The spring was manufactured using a customized fully automated machine center, including coiling, low-temperature heat treatment, set-removal, and packaging.

Customer supplied reusable totes were automatically packed, 1000 pieces per tote. As required, Maverick Spring Makers Limited achieved 100% on-time delivery for the life of the programme. The process performance, as indicated by a Cpk (process capability index), was well above requirements, with single-digit internal ppm (parts per million), and Zero external ppm indicating a very low incidence of defects.

Upon completion, the steel parking brake spring featured 80 active coils, between 5 and 10 inactive coils, and the inside diameter measured 4.75 – 4.90 mm, which was accommodated by our proprietary burr-free cut off system. The free length of the spring was 219 mm +/- .05mm. To learn more about this project or to inquire about other services, please contact Maverick Spring Makers.


Product Name

Stainless Steel Parking Brake Spring for the Automotive Industry


0.058″ Stainless Steel Type 302 Nickel Coat

Inside Diameter

4.75 – 4.90 mm – proprietary burr free cut-off system

Active Coils


Inactive Coils


Free Length

219 mm +/- 0.5 mm

Production Speed

> 600 per hour

Heat Treatment
  • 550 degrees F, 20 minutes, inline conveyor belt oven
  • Set remove to solid height 3 times after stress relieving heat treatment – in line – fully automatic

1000 piece per customer supplied reusable tote – in line – automatic counting and container change

End Use

Automotive Parking Brake System

Shipped to

Ontario, Canada