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  1. Frequently Asked Questions

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    So you’ve nearly completed your project, but need one more thing to make it work: a spring. Fortunately, you know Maverick has you covered. When our clients come to us with their spring needs, there are a few things we’ll ask you to ensure the best solution for you in a timely and economical manner. For your convenience, we’ve included some of those questions below.

    Do you have a drawing/sample we can copy?

    This is always extremely helpful in getting the process started right away. We will evaluate the drawing and/or sample to make sure it’s what you need it to be, and confirm that it is able to be manufactured.

    No sample? No problem! Do you need compression, extension, or torsion?

    Most commonly, the answer here is compression. If that’s the case, we’ll need to know a few things.

    What is the installed length of the spring?

    What is the force required at the installed length?

    What is the working length of the spring?

    What is the force required at the working length of the spring?

    If the spring works over a rod, what size rod?

    If it works over a hole, what size hole?

    What environment does the spring work in? (Hot, corrosive, cold, shock-loading, etc.)

    How long does the spring need to last?

     Now that we have more detailed information, we can help find the optimum spring design for your requirements. Sometimes at this stage, we unfortunately have to let you know that the task is not possible. This is usually due to the spring design work being left at the end of an overall project design, with little or no physical space available to fit a properly functioning spring. To avoid such a fate, it’s best to figure out the performance and fatigue requirements of the spring in your design in its earliest stages.

    Of course, if there is anything we can do to aid in fitting a compression spring into a slightly smaller space, we will. End grinding can improve the end squareness and the load bearing surface, while reducing the solid height of the spring. Set-removing can improve fatigue life for what might have otherwise proved an overstressed design. We work with conical spring designs, hourglass spring designs, barrel shapes, multiple pitch, multiple diameters — for the most part, you name it and Maverick can do it!

    If work such as this is needed for your design, it’s important to keep in mind that all a springs characteristics are inter-related. Changing one aspect of a design will undoubtedly mean something else will need to change to accommodate it. We at Maverick Spring Makers are happy to work with you to find the right compromise, and keep your project running smoothly.