Some of our Capabilities

An 8 minute video showing a range of our spring production techniques including compression springs, extended hook extension springs, extension springs with crossover centre loops and torsion springs.

Compression Spring Testing & Sorting

A 100% load test and sort work centre. Springs are feed with a vibratory bowl and inline vibratory feeder into an escapement. Once loaded into the carrier dial the springs are set-removed three times before the force is measured at two load points. The springs are sorted into PASS/FAIL/REWORK based on the loads measured and spring rate calculated.


Springs are loaded into the carrier dial and passed between two opposed grinding discs. End grinding improves squaring, increases the bearing surface of the end coil and reduces the solid height of the spring.


Single point spring coiling with 100% length measurement and adjustment. Not shown is the sorting chute that separates the springs into GOOD / LONG / SHORT categories. LONG / SHORT springs are scrapped. Goods automatically pass into a conveyor oven for low temperature heat treatment (also not shown).

Precision Helical Coil Conical Spring

A precision coil conical spring by Maverick.

0.029″ Stainless Steel type 302 wire
3.4 Total Coils
0.350″ Small End Inside Diameter
0.475″ Large End Outside Diameter
0.375″ Free Length
Production Speed of 12,000 pieces per hour, Free length variation is less than +/- 0.005″