Ontario’s Automotive Industry Sees Major Success

Did you know that more cars are manufactured in Ontario than any other area of North America? Yes, this Canadian province beats out its neighbors, Michigan included, when it comes to auto production. With Ontario overtaking Detroit, the motor city, in auto production, that makes a big statement about the province’s place in the auto manufacturing.

To get more specific, Ontario boasts the residence of five of the world’s top automakers, not to mention more than 300 parts manufacturers. These combined producers are the source for more than 88,000 jobs for high-skilled workers in the area, and this massive group of industry insiders made more than 2.1 million vehicles in 2011, according to an Ontario government website.

So, the number of cars produced in Ontario is “more than any other North American sub-national jurisdiction,” but there is more going on in this province than assembling cars. The Ontario government website claims that the automobile throughout the world is being “reinvented” to meet new environmental standards. The Ontario government is providing incentives to the Canadian auto industry to manufacture in a “green environment.”  The goal of all manufacturers is to have tomorrow’s cars eco-friendly by making lighter and recyclable, and operational via clean energy sources.

Ontario isn’t just leading the auto industry in North America; it’s changing the auto industry in North America. The green efforts taking place in this region of Canada will help make the production of cars more eco-friendly, while also making them stronger and faster.

Mavericks Springs is conveniently located in the center of automotive parts manufacturing and automotive assembly in Ontario. As a Canadian manufacturer, we recognize this as an industry hub—as there are few (if any) other areas in the country that can match this level of production, and we’re happy to be in the middle of it. For more information on our past projects in the automotive industry or our springs, head over to our website.

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