Welcome to Maverick Spring Makers Limited

John Monné

For those of us just joining us—and others looking for a refresher on our 40-year-company history—we wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves. If our name isn’t a complete giveaway, we are spring makers, but we’re much more than that, too.

While the company was officially founded in 1968, we date it back to the late 1950s, when Holland-born John Monné was toying with an idea in his mind. He had just moved to Canada and was working at a few local spring companies. Surrounded with products and fellow spring-makers, the idea of a better way to make short runs of compression springs, with improved quality, began to evolve.   John’s idea, first built in the basement of the family home, devoloped into the Bennett-Mahler Maxi Coil spring winding lathe.  Almost 40 years after reaching the market, Bennett Mahler is still in the coiling lathe business.

From there, Maverick Spring Makers officially formed, and business began to evolve out of short order and into mass production in the early 1970s. (Fun fact: Our first mass-production customer is still a customer to this day.) Since then, we’ve moved facilities, become the first Canadian-owned spring company to achieve QS-9000 registration, thrived in the “Great Recession,” and seen major expansions. About every 20 months we purchase new CNC machines continue to meet the needs of our customers. Our core manufacturing strengths include mass production of custom compression, extension and torsion spring manufacturing, as well as consulting and prototyping.

John Monné is still an integral part of this company and continues to work for the company. Without his knack for developing new ideas and entrepreneurial drive, companies across North America wouldn’t have a one-stop shop for custom-manufactured springs.

At Maverick Spring, we take the “Monné approach” seriously—and we believe innovations and creativity can begin anywhere, anytime. Because of this, we decided to create this blog as a platform to discuss industry news, trends, and our latest company updates. Feel free to subscribe to these posts, and don’t forget to join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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