We Believe in the Family-Owned Business

When we introduced you to the company in a previous blog, we discussed how the founder, John Monné, and his family are still a major part of Maverick Spring Makers. The business began as one idea from Monné, and it has evolved to manufacture custom spring products for North America—and we’ve learned a lot along the way.

For starters, we’ve always kept at the forefront of our new ideas and expansion plans on how far the company has come. Most notably, we’ve discovered our flexibility an offering not many others can replicate, and we have the ability to accommodate the customer—and employee—need without affecting the ability to deliver.

While most businesses we tend to work with in the manufacturing industry are corporations and smaller companies, we’ve taken great pride in remaining a family-owned business—and we’re not the only ones. Out of the 500 companies on Standard and Poor’s index, approximately one-third of them are family-controlled, according to Business Insider. The publication breaks down the top 10 largest family-run businesses, including Mars, News Corp., Comcast, and Ford Motor Co.

Inc.com has a great round-up of success tips for family-owned companies, including the value of making mistakes, the true power of leadership, and setting parameters for business, which we completely agree with. Smaller and family-owned businesses have the opportunity to work with clients on a face-to-face level and build a relationship, and we believe these characteristics are invaluable to businesses.

Even though Maverick Spring Makers Limited is a small, family owned business, we’re also part of something much larger.  We’re a little more than two hours away from the Windsor-Detroit border, where 25 percent of all Canada/U.S. trade crosses. The value of trade that crosses the Ambassador Bridge is equal to the value of trade between the United States and Japan.  Trade between Canada and the United States supports more than 7 million U.S jobs.

In Canada, 98 percent of all employer businesses are classified as small business, with almost 50 percent of Canada’s total workforce employed in small business.  Approximately 86 percent of small businesses in Canada are exporters and make up more than 40 percent of private sector GDP.  More than half of small Canadian manufacturers have demonstrated commitments to research and development, and we’re no exception.  We’ll share some of our in-house innovations in future blogs.

Want to know more about Maverick Spring Makers or do business with us? Give us a call at 800-563-7304.

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